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Bernina B990

There is greater space than before

  • 14" from the needle to the right
  • Extensive 10-inch touch screen
  • Massive needlework utilizing the Giant Hoop
Large, exquisite sewing, quilting, and embroidery projects will have plenty of room with the B 990's carefully designed extended freearm, which has 14" (356 mm) of space to the right of the needle and the Giant Embroidery Hoop (16.1" x 12").

Check out your designs and stitches

  • Scan and preview your designs.
  • See the needle region on the screen.
  • BERNINA Placement Scanner & Camera
You may view the needle area in sewing and embroidery on the screen by scanning the embroidery hoop with the new BERNINA Placement Scanner and Camera. This enables you to align your stitches and designs accurately. Use scanning to see an image of your designs that will stitch out with the thread color and size of your choice.
Furthermore, the scanned background can be imported into the optional BERNINA Embroidery Software 9.

Automatically thread the needle?

  • Only need to press a button to thread
  • See the needle being threaded by the machine.
  • In a matter of seconds, ready to build
You can begin using a different thread by using the Automatic Needle Threader. Needles for sewing and needlework up to size 70 can be threaded automatically. Start a new thread more quickly than ever before.

Pinpoint Laser

  • Functions in all needle positions
  • Shows the precise location of the needle entry
  • Extremely accurate
Experience exquisite accuracy by seeing the precise spot at which the needle will penetrate the fabric at each needle position. As you stitch and embroider, the BERNINA Pinpoint Laser indicates your starting and ending points.

Built-in Stitch Regulation

Utilizing stitch regulation for ruler work, the BERNINA Integrated Stitch Regulator is compatible with all BERNINA quilting presser foot and accessories.

Just use the BERNINA 5.5 mm BISR Stitch Plate with Sensor that comes with it and your preferred quilting foot to produce precise quilting stitches at different sewing rates that are all the same length. Thanks to the innovative BERNINA Integrated Stitch Regulator (BISR), automatic stitch regulation is now available with all quilting applications, including Ruler Work.

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