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BERNINA L 890 Quilters Edition

BERNINA L 890 Quilters Edition – quilting with sergers

These special goodies are all included.
  • Quilt and Grow Pattern Book by Amanda Murphy
  • Benartex Quilt Fabric Kit, designed by Amanda Murphy
  • Mettler Piecing Thread Kit Silk-Finish Cotton 60
  • Wonderfil Decorative Serging Thread Set
  • Charlotte's Web Fusible Thread
  • BIG Book of Serger Quilting
  • BERNINA Overlocker Suitcase
  • Decorative Spool Pin, Height Compensating Tools and Right/Left Seam Guides in Shaft
  • Presser Feet #C12#C24 and #C27
  • Code for Bloom & Grow Course on BERNINA Skill Hub

Additional presser foot to enhance creativity

  • Make ornamental hems and seams.
  • Gathering and shifting light, delicate textiles
  • Decorative stitching in and around fabric

The included Coverstitch/Compensating Foot #C12, Shirring Foot #C24, and Clear Overlock/Combostitch Foot #C27 enable precise and ornamental stitching on a variety of fabrics, from quilting layers to delicate textiles. Their diverse qualities heighten the joy of quilting.

BERNINA Air Threader in One Step

  • Thread the device in a single, easy process.
  • Loopers are positioned correctly.
  • Threading that is enjoyable in reality

With just a single foot control step, the machine magically moves the threads. Consequently, both hands are free. There is no need to turn the handwheel or look for the proper position because the L 890 Quilters Edition automatically positions the loopers for the air threader. All you have to do is push the foot control and go!

Touch screen operation that is intuitive

  • Stitch optimizer, color touch screen sewing consultant, and practical animations all at one place
  • Guidance Mode or Expert Mode
You may alter stitch selection, specific stitch settings, characteristics, and memory while sewing thanks to the Touch Screen's availability. While Guided Mode provides step-by-step guidance, Expert Mode allows advanced users to apply all settings immediately. Together with stitch selection, both modes automatically determine the differential feed, stitch length, and thread tension.

Total Stitch Control produces flawless seams.

  • Keep 100 stitches in your memory for later.
  • While sewing, adjust the stitch length, differential feed, and thread tension.
  • The needle stop can be moved up or down permanently.

You may customize each setting on the L 890 Quilters Edition and store up to 100 stitches in your Personal Memory. Additionally, any stitch parameter can be changed while sewing, including stitch length, differential feed, thread tension, and cutting width. To change the quantity of overedge thread, just turn on the Micro Thread Control (MTC).

Features you'll find convenient

To raise or lower the presser foot, use the Bernina Free Hand System (FHS) to raise or lower the needle by half a stitch.
To get to the needles, swing out the presser foot.

You can quickly raise or lower the needle by a half stitch by applying pressure with your heel on the foot control. With the BERNINA Free Hand System (FHS), you may use your knee to lift and lower the presser foot, freeing up both hands to manage the fabric.

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