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Bernina Embroidery Module - B700 750 765 770 780 790 830,880 - FAST SHIPPING!

BERNINA embroidery module L
An embroidery module turns your BERNINA sewing machine with embroidery capability into an embroidery computer. The embroidery module turns embroidery into a simple task and provides breathtaking results. Embroidery work can be readily completed within the large embroidery area provided by the embroidery module L. The embroidery module L is compatible with BERNINA 7 Series and 8 Series sewing machines.

Discover the wide variety of special accessories for BERNINA embroidery computers such as the "jumbo" embroidery hoop. An embroidery area of 40 x 26 cm makes it possible to do precise work with large embroidery motifs and borders without multiple hoopings. The "jumbo" embroidery hoop is specially designed for the BERNINA 830. The "jumbo" embroidery hoop can also be used with the BERNINA 880, the 780 and the 750 QE. The maximum embroidery area is limited to 40 x 21 cm on these models, however. The BERNINA embroidery hoops are available in different shapes and sizes.

Become an embroidery professional and get the embroidery module, available in two different sizes depending on the machine.

Bernina embroidery module L, WARNING ! Do Not Do This ! 830 880 750 780.
I have gotten in several Bernina 830 models with broken embroidery hoop sensors. This video shows you how to not break these parts.
It is a "must watch" video for all Bernina long arm machine owners. 830 880 750 780
I did make a mistake at the end of the video where I said "what module you have attached" I should of said "what hoop you have attached". You will get the idea of what I am telling you not to do in this video.

Is Your BERNINA Embroidery Module STILL IN THE BOX?!?!
We are excited to announce all new BERNINA branded videos have been added to the existing Embroidery Essentials online course. Click here to learn more about this course:
Included Accessories
1 Presser Foot:
? Drop-shaped Embroidery Foot #26
3 Embroidery Hoops
? Large Oval Hoop and Template
? Medium Hoop and Template
? Small Hoop and Template
Additional Embroidery Accessories
? 2 Template Holder Clips
? Thread Net
? 1 pkg Asst. Embroidery Needles
? USB Connecting Cable

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